What's the Difference between Contact the Book and Contact the Movie?

Science Fiction


Released: 1985
Author: Carl Sagan


Released: 1997
Director: Robert Zemeckis
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In the Book In the Movie
Dr. Ellie Arroway
Dr. Ellie Arroway
Portrayed by: Jodie Foster
Palmer Joss
Palmer Joss
Portrayed by: Matthew McConaughey
Contact Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   Ellie is in her mid to late 40s. Jodie Foster was 35 in 1997.
   Palmer Joss is also a middle aged man. Matthew McConaughey was 28 in 1997.
   This doesn't happen. Several attempts are made to cut funding to Ellie's project.
   The president of the United States is a woman. The president is Bill Clinton.
   The message is coded using a polarity modulation. The message is hidden between lines of a video.
   The message leads to eased tensions between nations. This doesn't happen.
   Three machines are built. Only two are constructed.
   Five passengers use the machine to go through the worm holes. Ellie goes by herself.
   The passengers are gone for only 20 minutes in earth time. It only takes the time for the machine to drop that Ellie is gone.
   The beach they see through the worm hole looks like on earth. Ellie's beach is artificial and looks like a dream.
   Ellie works on a program that computes the digits of Pi based on information from the senders. This is left out.
   This doesn't happen. Ellie and Palmer are in a romantic relationship.
   Ellie's mother and father are both dead. Her mother is alive and remarried.
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The last difference is wrong. In the movie, Ellie's mother died from complications during Ellie's birth, and her father dies when she was 12.
27 Aug 2015 Anonymous

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