What's the Difference between Forrest Gump the Book and Forrest Gump the Movie?


Forrest Gump

Released: 1986
Author: Winston Groom

Forrest Gump

Released: 1994
Director: Robert Zemeckis
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In the Book In the Movie
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump
Portrayed by: Tom Hanks
Jenny Curran
Jenny Curran
Portrayed by: Robin Wright
ms gump
ms gump
Forrest Gump Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Forrest is a huge man. He is 6'5" and 242 pounds. He is average size.
   As a child Forrest's legs are perfectly healthy. He has a crooked spine and requires leg braces.
   Forrest becomes and astronaut and goes to outer space. He meets an ape there named Sue. They crash in the jungle and are taken hostage by cannibals. This doesn't happen.
   Forrest becomes a world class chess player. He never plays chess.
   Forrest and his Ape grow shrimp in shallow pools. He has a shrimp boat and catches the shrimp in the open water. Lt. Dan works with him.
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I wouldn't mind the movie if it weren't for the fact they billed it as being based on the book. But the movie is NOT in any way, shape, or form true to the books storyline. As a standalone movie, if I had never read the book, I would have to say the movie was utterly banal. It sucked.
14 Apr 2014 muleheadjoe
... the second time there's a sexually related event with Forrest and Jenny, she's making out/having sex with some other guy in a car, Forrest incorrectly thinks she's trapped / hurt in the car so he opens the door (it's unlocked) and pulls the guy out and Jenny yells/curses at Forrest for messing up her night.
14 Apr 2014 Anonymous
Forrest NEVER date-raped Jenny. In the book he's very very dim-witted and doesn't understand his own strength ... he spills something on her in a movie theatre and she tries to move away and he tries to help clean the mess and accidentally tears her dress. She jumps up and runs away crying, he's left wondering what he did wrong. tbc ...
14 Apr 2014 Anonymous
The movie is "based" on the book all right ... it uses the same names of several of the main characters. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing in the movie that is even remotely in line the actual story of Forrest Gump as written by the author. I bought and read the book when it was released (I can only presume I'm holding of those "30,000" original copies sold ... I bought it in 1986 and still have it). I've watched a grand total of 30 minutes of the movie and I utterly despise it for ru
14 Apr 2014 Anonymous
I personally don't give two shits what they got wrong. The movie was fantastic, and very enjoyable, and just altogether worth it. If you didn't like the differences? Then go make your own damn version of the movie. You stupid pricks.
14 Apr 2014 Anonymous
In the movie Forrest says "I got to pee" to the president.
31 Jan 2014 Anonymous
The book was not meant to be serious--just funny--which it was. The movie, on the other hand is a classic.
25 Jan 2014 Anonymous
Actually, his legs were healthy in the movie. His crooked spine was the reason he needed the braces.
19 Nov 2013 Anonymous
The book was far better than the movie. It had more humor and more details about Forrest Gump's life. When I first purchased the book, the check-out college student asked me if I had read the book and when I replied, yes, he said I wouldn't like the movie. He proved to be correct.
13 Nov 2013 Anonymous
I prefer the movie! Heartbreaking but if it stuck to the book it may go on a bit. I can see a clear reason why all the changes were made though!
12 Jun 2013 Anonymous

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