What's the Difference between I Am Legend the Book and I Am Legend the Movie?

Science Fiction

I Am Legend

Released: 1954
Author: Richard Matheson

I Am Legend

Released: 2007
Director: Francis Lawrence
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In the Book In the Movie
Robert Neville
Robert Neville
Portrayed by: Will Smith
Virginia Neville
Zoe Neville
Portrayed by: Salli Richardson
Kathy Neville
Marley Neville
Portrayed by: Willow Smith
Anna Montez
Portrayed by: Alice Braga
I Am Legend Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   The world is infected by vampires. The creatures are not vampires. They are cannibalistic zombies who have an aversion to light.
   The story takes place in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The setting in New York City.
   The story takes place in 1976-78. It is 2012.
   Neville discovers his dog after humanity has been wiped out; he spends weeks gaining his trust. The dog is named Sam, and is Neville's family dog.
   Neville is the only man left on earth. Everyone else is a vampire. There is 1% of the population that is immune to the virus.
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Can we just all agree that the only thing those have in common is the title? No because, really, watch the movie with another title and you would, maybe, think that some scenes look a bit like what that book describe. At most the book is a inspiration, anyone comparing movie and book is doomed to fail as IT IS NOT THE SAME STORY !
19 Mar 2015 Anonymous
movie and book were really entertaining!
14 Mar 2015 Anonymous
The comment down to mine was right lol the movie was great END OF DISCUSSION
10 Jan 2015 Anonymous
Seems like everyones cracking the shits over Neville being black in the movie, because he was identified as a white man in the book. Go away, the lot of you. If it was in reverse, none of you idiots would be complaining. But, once again, we must make way for the white supremacists.
11 Nov 2014 Anonymous
Agree with the jew ran media, America is owened by the jews and Israel, the USA send over $92,000000000 in aid to them every year. What do we get in return? Pulled into wars and having our government as nothing more than a puppet government. Jews own 23 of 25 major networks, most major media outlets, yet comprise of less then 2% of the US population. Wish Germany finished & really did do the so called holohoax IRL.
27 Sep 2014 Anonymous
The book is written by a white person in the 1950's so the main character is white. The Jews own the media and Hollywood. It has been the trend to replace Caucasian characters with Negroes. Even in a movie that should historically have no Negroes....there they are.
09 Aug 2014 Anonymous
The book is 150 pages.. Even Hollywood should be able to get that right. I Am Legend (novel) > Omega Man > I Am Legend (movie)
02 May 2014 Anonymous
The book is so much better
15 Apr 2014 Anonymous
also the person in the book is not will smith
15 Apr 2014 Anonymous
the book is weak
15 Apr 2014 Anonymous

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