What's the Difference between I Am Legend the Book and I Am Legend the Movie?

Science Fiction

I Am Legend

Released: 1954
Author: Richard Matheson

I Am Legend

Released: 2007
Director: Francis Lawrence
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In the Book In the Movie
Robert Neville
Robert Neville
Portrayed by: Will Smith
Virginia Neville
Zoe Neville
Portrayed by: Salli Richardson
Kathy Neville
Marley Neville
Portrayed by: Willow Smith
Anna Montez
Portrayed by: Alice Braga
I Am Legend Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   The world is infected by vampires. The creatures are not vampires. They are cannibalistic zombies who have an aversion to light.
   The story takes place in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The setting in New York City.
   The story takes place in 1976-78. It is 2012.
   Neville discovers his dog after humanity has been wiped out; he spends weeks gaining his trust. The dog is named Sam, and is Neville's family dog.
   Neville is the only man left on earth. Everyone else is a vampire. There is 1% of the population that is immune to the virus.
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Film was great but Book was much better.
01 Apr 2016 Anonymous
In the movie the "normal humans" survive and form a colony, but in the book the "living" monsters survive to create a colony and humanity as we know it is wiped out. "I AM LEGEND" in the book means the human is now a legend, and is feared, like the vampires once were. It seems to me the whole point of the book was different from the movie which instead created a hero to save humans.
03 Feb 2016 Anonymous
For me the most annoying difference: In the book god has nothing to do with anything. At least indicated by Neville finding that everybody fears what each one believe to be holly simply because they assume to be evil now that they are craving blood. In the book he is gods chosen to develop the the cure and to sacrifice himself for humanity.
24 Aug 2015 Anonymous
The Zombies thing is debatable. I'm of the opinion that they are vampires in the film as well, albeit not allergic to garlic, afraid of mirrors, etc. They are quite clearly drawn to his blood in one scene, and there is nothing that points to them being cannibalistic at all.
02 Aug 2015 Anonymous
In the book the disease is incurable or at least Neville is captured before he can find one, in the movie he finds a cur.
25 May 2015 Anonymous

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