What's the Difference between The Hobbit the Book and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey the Movie?


The Hobbit

Released: 1937
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Released: 2012
Director: Peter Jackson
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In the Book In the Movie
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins
Portrayed by: Martin Freeman
Thorin Oakenshield
Thorin Oakenshield
Portrayed by: Richard Armitage
Gandalf the Grey Wizard
Gandalf the Grey Wizard
Portrayed by: Ian Mckellen
This Character does not appear.
Azog (pale orc)
Portrayed by: Manu Bennett
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Orlando Bloom
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: idk
Portrayed by: many actors
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Evangeline Lilly
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Sylvester McCoy
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   All of the dwarves had cloaks and hats when they showed up at Bilbo's hats on the first night. The book clearly describes this part, and says how all the dwarves greeted Bilbo, hung up their cloaks and hats on the hook, and came in. Most of the dwarves don't have hats, and they don't greet him like the book describes. Some of them don't have proper cloaks.
   We do not find out how Gollum lost the ring. Gollum fights with a goblin. The ring flies from him pocket and lands on the ground.
   Bilbo sees a group of trolls and decides to sneak up on them so he can pickpocket them. He goes after the goblins because they have stolen the ponies for food and he wants to save them.
   Thorin is hostile and petty toward Bilbo. He personally doesn't believe Bilbo is cut out for the journey. He is always mocking his life back in the shire. They have several verbal battles.
   Bilbo is frightened by the Eagles. They speak to him and tell him that it is perfect day to fly. The eagles don't speak, and Bilbo mounts the back of the eagle and flys it.
   Bilbo needs help climbing up the trees during the Warg attack. He needs so much help that he barely makes it up alive. Bilbo climbed up the trees with ease.
   Bilbo claims a large knife in the trolls cave and names it Sting. Bilbo is given the sword/knife by Gandalf.
   Thorin arrives at Bilbo's along with three other dwarves. He is the last to arrive and is alone. He comes after they have started eating.
   The company is grateful to the elves in Rivendell for providing shelter, food and safety. The dwarves are not grateful and complain to Gandalf about sharing room with Elves.
   Bilbo becomes exasperated with Gandalf for suggesting he join him for an advanture. He leaves, but his polite nature forces him to invite the wizard to tea the next day. He regrets that decision. This doesn't happen.
   Radagast the Brown is mentioned in passing as one of the five wizards living in Middle Earth. He doesn't take part in the story. He is in the film. He interacts with Gandalf, the dwarves and Bilbo throughout.
   Fili and Kili are described as looking exactly the same with blonde beards, the only real difference between them being Fili having a longer nose. They look nothing alike and they have brown beards with darker and lighter shades.
   Bilbo doesn't see the ring being lost and comes across it by accident in the dark cave. He sees it and puts it in his pocket as Gollum drags away the dead goblin.
   Thorin is not attractive. He is greedy and an inexperienced and bumbling leader of men. He is presented as a fallen hero. He doesn't look as bad as the other dwarves.
   Bilbo has a fat stomach and long clever brown fingers. He doesn't.
   This doesn't happen. Radagast distracts a herd of goblins that are chasing the adventuring group.
   History of Middle Earth detailing the Hobbit's past and the Dwarves' present state are revealed throughout the context of the story. There is a prologue before the story begins that lays out the history for the viewer.
   Bilbo tries to sneak out of his home to avoid going on the adventure. He doesn't attempt to leave.
   Frodo is not in the Hobbit. Bilbo tells Frodo about an adventure he had a long time ago.
   The dwarves are thankful to Rivendell. The dwarves get board and start a food fight filled with singing, food and FILTH!
   Thorin wants to kill Smaug to get the gold. He wants to reclaim his homeland and get revenge for his ancestors.
   Galadriel does not appear. She does.
   The company is trapped on tall trees while the wargs try to get them. Gandalf fights them off with flaming pine cones and sets the trees on fire. He calls Eagles to rescure them. They all end up on one tree and as the fire rages the Pale Orc arrives and wants to kill Thorin. Bilbo fights him with his tiny sword until the eagles swoop in and save them all.
   Bombur has ALLOT of lines in the book. But in the movie, he doesn't make a sound!!!!!!!?!?!?
   Smaug doesn't appear until the end of the novel. His scales are shown as he speaks in the prologue and the ending.
   Bilbo is more than fifty years old. Martin Freeman, who portrays Bilbo, doesn't look that old at all.
   The story is narrated by the author as an omnicient voice. The story is told from Bilbo's perspective.
   The company's ponies are taken by trolls and eaten. The ponies disappear when the bolt away together.
   Bilbo's mother was rumored to be part Fairy. His mother's influence is what gave him his interest in adventure. This is not explained.
   Azog was a goblin general Thorin fought in the war, he was later killed by his cousin Dain Ironfoot long before Thorin and company set out on their journey He is one of the main antagonists appearing in all three films, he is eventually killed by Thorin in The Battle of Five Armies.
   Bard is a proud man and he is single. Bard can be mean, his wife has died and he has 1 son and 2 daughters!
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