What's the Difference between The Right Stuff the Book and The Right Stuff the Movie?


The Right Stuff

Released: 1979
Author: Tom Wolfe

The Right Stuff

Released: 1983
Director: Phillip Kaufman
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In the Book In the Movie
Chuck Yeager
Chuck Yeager
Portrayed by: Sam Shepard
This Character does not appear.
NASA Recruiters
Portrayed by: Goldblum and Shearer
This Character does not appear.
Nurse Murch
Portrayed by: Jane Dornacker
The Right Stuff Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   When Yeager injures himself while horse riding, he runs into a closed gate breaking his ribs. He runs into a large tree branch and falls off his horse.
   The NF-104A was equipped with a rocket in the tail for additional altitude. Yeager flew it twice the day he crashed. Yeager's F-104 was a standard model without the rocket engine. He made one flight the day he crashed.
   Yeager was 24 in 1947 when he broke the sound barrier. Sam Shepard (Yeager) was 40 when he made the film.
   Jack Ridley died in 1957. Jack Ridley is shown with Yeager in 1963 prior to his flight in the NF-104A.
   Grissom, Slayton and Cooper were not stationed at Edwards AFB until 1955/56. The movie depicts Grissom, Slayton and Cooper together at Edwards AFB in 1953 discussing the space program.
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